Tanzania Legendary Rapper Professor Jay Critically Ill, Admitted In Hospital

Bongo rapper and MP Professor Jay is ill and currently admitted to the Muhimbili Hospital in Tanzania. The veteran singer has reportedly been in the hospital for almost three weeks.

A Facebook post made by fellow singer Mwana FA indicates that Prof Jay is in critical condition and his bill has overwhelmed him and the family. Family and friends of this great Bongo hitmaker Professor Jay are requesting members of the public to contribute towards his medical bill. This will help them to pay for the hospital bills. Following his illness, fellow artists have reached out to the singer’s family. Professor Jay admitted to hospital, friends ask for financial assistance  and prayers - The Standard Entertainment
Zuchu revealed she was working on a project with Professor Jay before he fell ill. “We are working on a song. We are praying for the family and hopefully, he will be back on his feet. I am here to support you emotionally and know that we are praying for you,” Zuchu told Professor Jay’s wife. His wife said Professor Jay is improving adding that perseverance has made them stay in the marriage for 18 years. “We have been married for 18 years. We have had our ups and downs. When I was pregnant, we had issues and I left. When most celebrities are at the peak, they cheat and sometimes they don’t concentrate on their families.”

Zuchu brought flowers and a cake to Professor Jay`s wife. “We want to be together with you in this journey and wishing him a quick recovery to him so he can come back to doing his music like he has done before.”  she said.


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