Singer Akothee celebrates daughter’s graduation


Musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee shared her excitement upon her daughter’s graduation while also imploring her to remain humble.

The self-declared president of single mothers, via a lengthy message on Instagram, also thanked her daughter Celine Okello aka Rue Baby Vesha, for making her work easy and working hard. “Be humble as always. The degree is (in) theory, now gain experience and work on your work ethics,” the musician wrote.


She added: “Be time conscious, you have not much left. Avoid the spirit of procrastination, it leads to frustrations at work. Submit your work /reports before your boss asks, be on top of your game. Work to get paid, don’t get paid to work, money should not be your motivation. Work should be your greatest inspiration.”

“Avoid that negative empty workmate, ignore and pursue your goals. Be creative, innovative, and always willing to give in more hand. Show them what you got and after 3 months sit them down and ask for your worth companies pay for value, not your time. Learn the ethics of the company and have answers at your fingertips,” she added.

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Vesha graduated last year and is currently the director at Akothee Safaris, a tour firm owned by the mother.


The songbird has in the past campaigned for independence amongst single mothers instead of what she termed ‘clinging’ on their baby daddies for support.

This she says worsens the situation and calls for a switch in their mindsets.



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