Sandra Suubi stuns at the Janzi Awards in a Xenson Coutume


The Janzi awards happened on 12 th December 2021 at Kololo airstrips. It was glitz and glamour as the artistes and the guests dressed up for the red carpet and their performances.

Sandra Suubi was nominated for outstanding vocalist and she opened the event by singing the Uganda national anthem which she delivered powerfully with her strong vocals and was dressed in a Xenson couture costume. This was the highlight of the fashion statement at the event both on stage and on the red carpet.

Sandra Suubi leading the National Anthem at Janzi Awards

The costume was designed by Xenson a renowned fashion designer and multi-disciplinary artist. The dress was made out of bark cloth, car tyres and ribits. The costume was accompanied by four bouncers accompanying Sandra Suubi to bring out the full grandeur of the outfit. Sandra Suubi was so excited and honored to have worked with Xenson and was in awe at the dress when it was fully done.

IMG 20211213 WA0029

The dress was created on Sandra Suubi’s body, which made the process interesting. Well this was an expression of Art and fashion and the grandeur expression of both artists.

Kenneth Mugabi (L) & Sewa Sewa (R) pose with Sandrah Suubi on the Red Carpet at the Janzi Awards
DSCF4197 1


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