Row Between Gospel Artistes And Pastors Deepens

The disagreements between gospel artistes and pastors seem to be deepening with each day that passes. This was after UPRS earlier this week decreed that musicians including gospel artistes should be paid royalties for their music. The body said that these artists will be paid Ugx 1.25m annually.

However city pastor Bishop David Kiganda yesterday disagreed with UPRS and said that gospel singers should not be paid. He said that these singers are doing God’s work with a talent He gave them thus no pay.

Gospel singer Exodus has now come out to question the motive of these pastors. The Igwe singer said that although not all pastors share Kiganda’s sentiments, some do.

Exodus wondered why these pastors collect money from preaching the gospel and are now feeling irritated with artistes earning from their talent. The singer went ahead to say that this only shows greed on the side of these pastors.

“I really don’t know why these pastors are irritated with UPRS’ decision to have us earn from our music. This is even yearly and not monthly, why the fuss. Why would they want us not to earn from our music yet they make people pay for their preachings. Those are both talents and if you say we shouldn’t be paid, the same should apply to you. These pastors have collected money for over 25 years and own multi-million shilling assets. How do they expect these artistes to survive and be role models without engaging in illegal activities,” Exodus said.


Pastor Mondo who fled Uganda to America said that pastors and musicians should sit down and dialogue.


He said that he supports the idea of these musicians being paid. Mondo said that a majority of these pastors have sidelined the singers and don’t know what is happening with them.

He implored both sides to sit down and come to a mutual conclusion because either side is needed in the Gospel.



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