#REVIEW: Making Sense of Azawi’s “Party Mood” Video


Multi genre Swangz Avenue singer and songwriter, Azawi released stellar new visuals for Party mood, one of the most mesmerizing tracks on the African music Album which took over everyone’s lives on all social media platforms lately. 

Directed by Marvin Musoke of Swangz avenue and shot in Kampala , the ‘Party mood’ visuals tell an unexpected story of party life. Under all feminine-fueled obsession with a particular sense of authenticity, Azawi is mesmerizing to watch in sharp, clear frames.


The choreography is on point and the fact that she joins in to lead some shots, Azawis ‘Party mood’ visuals depict an embodiment of the divine gift of music, celebrating musical arrangements dipped in high class artistry and capped with the flawless texture of her vocals. 

With ‘Party mood ’, it is safe to say Azawi is reaching  the rare stratosphere of afropop-music fame by trusting the unifying appeal of pop music and by pointing at the underseen elements that resonate totally with her audience no matter their walk of life.


A well grounded entertainer whose lyrics, rhythm and tone make her an incredibly talented singer, Azawi pulls out the stops in these visuals; so simple yet so effective in passing on her message of enjoyment.

Especially in these festive season. It’s clear that Azawi is a thorough artiste who toots her horn tastefully, blesses us with art, beauty and creativity in visuals so deep, that finding a whole new meaning in lyrics and constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with fans becomes her supreme task.

Azawi | Party Mood | official video music - YouTube

While it is often said that the world can do without the best, the Ugandan music industry can’t do without the effortlessness of music creation by Azawi.



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