Pastor Bugingo set to wed Suzan Makula

The Bugingo family dominated the headlines the whole of 2019 after Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of the Makerere-based House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) decided to run to Court to dissolve his 29-year-old marriage with his wife Teddy Naluswa. 


The estranged couple constantly attacked each other publically before court ordered them to keep their affair out of the public. In his lunch hour preaching yesterday at Canaan land Kikoni, Bugingo re-launched several attacks to Teddy and a group of fellow pastors that she’s ‘in bed with.’

According to Bugingo, renowned pastor couple Robert Kayanja and Jessica Kayanja of Miracle Centre Cathedral are working with Teddy to fail him. Amidst all that and social media criticism, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and Susan Makula have already started giving out invitations for their big traditional introduction ceremony. Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church says Bugingo’s move is blatant adultery.

Ssempa says that Bugingo is not living the life he preaches. He states that it was wrong for him to go with the second wife before completing the business he had with the mother of his children Teddy Bugingo. “Pastor Bugingo is not a living example of what he preaches. What he is doing is prostitution because he didn’t divorce his first wife Teddy Bugingo. He is one of the people that makes us pastors look very bad in the eyes of the public,” Pastor Ssempa says.

Bugingo susan

Ssempa urges the government to create a Ministry of Marriage that will be in charge of disciplining such pastors. Pastor Ssempa is not the only pastor unhappy about Bugingo’sKukyala, Christian Life church leader, Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga condemns the move too.

Now, media Personality Kasuku who is among the invited guests at the ceremony has shared a sample of the invitation cards but the venue was intentionally hidden with ink. Bugingo made his relationship with Makula in 2019 and revealed that he was nolonger in love with his wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo. His confession left many shocked as to why a pastor who had been preaching against divorce and adultery did not practice his own teachings. He however disclosed that however much he hates divorce, his marriage with Teddy was ganged up by the devil and he decided to run away from it.

Although Teddy has insisted that he won’t divorce him, Bugingo went ahead and got introduced by Susan last week in a Kukyala ceremony and he is now ready to fully get married to her. Over the weekend, It was a money and power affair as Bugingo officially visited the parents of his Suzan MakulaNantaba in Kyebando.



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