Omalay & Tanasha Donna dating rumors take twist


Rumor has it that Nigerian singer Omah Lay and Kenya’s Tanasha Donna are having an affair. Over the weekend, Omah Lay appeared in Kenya at the ‘Pizza and Wine Festival’.

Upon asking for his opinion on Kenyan girls, Omah Lay said he has a Kenyan girl. He was then asked if he is dating Diamond Platinumz’s ex Tanasha Donna.

’I am single. I said I had a Kenyan girlfriend but I am single. I don’t wanna talk about the rumors on Instagram….. The videos and stuff,’’  the Nigerian singer said.


After the two were seen together hanging out and getting cozy with each other, speculation started to develop about the two. They were spotted together when Omah Lay had gone to South Sudan to perform.

On his success in the music industry, the 24-year-old says he does not struggle to market his music because he believes good music sells itself. ‘’Good music sells itself. As long as it is good, people are definitely going to buy,’’ he said.


He further revealed that the love he has got from his Kenyan fans has been so amazing and said it is one of the reasons he wanted to go to Kenya. He said that it is not always about the money or the publicity, but the need to connect with his fans.



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