NYUMIRWA: Jowy Landa Sermonizes Amusement In Love


Jowy Landa is a female Ugandan artist who is highly versatile and known for her pleasingly sensual innuendos steeped in her soothing voice and in just a few years, she has already become a household name, making her one to keep a close eye on in the coming months. Although in the last two years, Uganda`s entertainment scene suffered the most due to cancellation of shows, Jowy Landa took her time to make new music and dropped some hot collaborations with some of the biggest artists around.

She is currently riding high with her new single `Nyumirwa`,  a love ballad produced by Brian Beats which is highly trending and attracting a considerable number of views and amazing comments. “Oli Mata ga ngamiya, kawoowo ka vanilla, nonya wetutandikira tufune akafo nga jekigweera”,  the striking Jowy partly sings. If you have ever underestimated Jowy, then her musical prowess in this particular song will prove you wrong. From my perspective, the sensational and gorgeous singer who has been known to release fabulous hits like Sabasaba/African Girl, Buyaka, Onvuga, Embukuuli, Tewelumya Mutwe Remix where she was featured by DJ Shiru with John Black among others, and this banger is just a good curtain-raiser for her other upcoming projects in 2022.

Embukuuli-@ Jowy Landa by Jowy Landa | ReverbNation

Soft, gentle, charismatic, beautiful and petite-these are the characteristics of Jowy`s voice and character. In other words, she combines talent, body and appearance with a star look, a flattering demeanor and a baby look that always keeps guys guessing her age. Basically, she has that 18 year old look you feel like you would take on a first date, proving enough for one to get glued to their screens especially to watch Nyumirwa visuals as directed by Allan Soja.


Besides, Jowy is a social happy soul who also keeps her private life to herself that keeps everyone guessing if she is really dating. She loves her heels and keeps with trends. More power to Jowy!



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