Nina Roz Almost Fights In A Bar Over A Piled Up Booze Bill

In 2021 around September, singer Nina Kankunda commonly known as Nina Roz after going through series of depression, anxiety among other glooms and slowdowns got baptized by City Pastor, Bishop Arnold Muwonge and everyone thought she had finally redeemed herself and accepted Jesus Christ her saviour but it seems that we should wait a bit much longer for that as all might have been done for showbiz and to get some blitz.


News reaching our desk indicate that the `Ekipande` singer is now back to her old habits of drinking like a fish which has now put her in an embarrassing situation after failing to clear one of her bar bills that had accumulated to Ug shs.62600.

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In an audio leaked by local television Sanyuka TV via one of their entertainment shows, Nina Roz could be overheard  in a kinda disagreeable and dreadful verbal exchange with a bar manager where Nina and her girls had gone to have some fun.

It is reported that Nina and her girls drank a bill of 800k but rather decided to just pay 200k. Her girls left Nina in trouble claiming that that’s only what they had implying that Nina had to top up the balance, something which triggered Nina`s anger.

This then resulted into an awful commotion, uproar and war of words from Nina who was questioning how the bill came to the figure of 800k and also cursed her girls who could leave her in this kind of mess. She later cleared the bill but vowed never to return to that bar.

Last month, the singer was gifted a new ride, Toyota Mark X 2006 by her manager Derrick Katamba but a one critic working with Dembe FM, Edward Ssendi dismissed that act claiming that Derrick has no guts of gifting Nina a ride as he is so broke for life and challenged Nina to prove otherwise



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