Netizens blast Etania for criticizing Zari’s performance on Young, Famous & African Reality Show


NTV Ugandan presenter Etania Mutoni is far from getting her peace. After she was involved in a jaw dropping scandal with fellow presenter Lynda Dane, many took the side of the latter and criticized Etania for being a witch. The pair decided to burry their hatchet , but a new scandal is now building up around Etania

Etania tried to express her own view as she made it a Point to criticize Zari Hassan’s performance on the trending Netflix’s Young, Famous and Africa reality show, but little did she know she was digging her own grave. The big number of people who have watched the reality show have expressed their love for Zari on the show as the show has a very huge number of viewers and they were ready to blast whoever came out to criticize their favorite  and lovely star. 


Zari’s Ugandan fans were quick to insult  and bring out her old dark secrets. This resurrected information about how she used to sell her body in Thailand before faking her death to collect money from Ugandans. This came as a huge blow to the people who did not know about it, many wondering where such information was got from. 

etania 1024x658 1
A photo montage of Zari and Etania

She was further reminded of how she jumped on stage during Nigerian singer Wizkid’s performance aswell as Chike’s recent performance thirsty for attention. They reminded her that she gripped them and forced her “ashawo” dance moves on them and they only put up with her attention seeking because she was a fan.



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