Music Promoter Cool Kats awaits nomination in Zambia’s Zikomo Awards 2022


The Zikomo Africa Awards will this year in September return in their second edition.

The Zambian awards reward the best of the best in the Arts, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Humanitarian and Science & Technology who have worked hard every year.

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This year, Ugandan music promoter Cool Kats is sure he will get nominated under the category of Best Music Promoter of the Year. Promotion of music in Uganda is a Rollercoaster of things and promoters like Cool Kats top the list of those beating all odds to put music on another level through providing its publicity on digital and social platforms. In addition, they engage media houses for airplay, they push the same music at events,  nightclubs, seek Media PR amongst others.

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Nominated for Best Music Promoter of the Year – Cool Kats

For Cool Kats, he has done quite alot of this work for the past many years and if nominated, his recognition and Nomination won’t have come easy because its a true manifestation of his hard-work over the years. Cool Kats promotes Ugandan music aswell as music for some international stars in Uganda, with his Zikomo award nomination, Kats hopes to keep soaring higher.

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In their first edition last year 2021, the Zikomo Awards had two Ugandans nominated, model Doreen Kabareebe and Dancer / Chareographer Cathy Patra and they each won two awards. JavaServer won Best African Female Model and the Best Humanitarian Awards and Cathy won Best African Chareographer and Best Dancing Group in Africa.



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