Maama Fiina Blasts Judith Babirye for making a public apology!


Judith Babirye came out and apologized for the mistake she made of stealing another woman’s wife. She recorded herself apologizing to the nation, to her constituency and also to Nalongo Lukia for having come in between her and Musoke Paul Ssebulime.

The Country received the apology with mixed reactions, wondering why she had bothered to come out this late to apologizes but some however encouraged her, saying she had done the right thing.

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Mama Fina apparently is among the former because she came out to condemn the act of the recorded apology, saying it was a very foolish stunt and a terrible idea for Judith Babirye to apologises to another woman for having taken her husband. During an interview with you tuber SB4, Mama Fina said there was no need to apologises and that if she had only sought for her, she would have helped her using charms to win back her man.

Watch the video here.

“How can you apologise for snatching someone’s man? You should have bewitched both of them and Ssebulime would be in your bed. Babirye, you Shouldn’t have accepted defeat!” She said.

She called Babirye a coward for apologizing to Lukia and also said only witchcraft would have saved her marriage.


In January 2016, Judith Babirye was elected Woman Member of Parliament representing Buikwe District. Upon joining the August house, it’s believed that she met and fell in love with then fellow MP Hon. Paul Musoke Ssebulime who represented Buikwe North constituency in Parliament. The pair held a private and exclusive wedding! On a sad note, their marriage didn’t live to see its first year come to pass. Babirye moved to the Canada and the United States citing insecurities that she feared would claim her life! 

Judith Babirye's new husband files for divorce, says she denied him sex |  Africa Tembelea

In 2019, Musoke petitioned the high court asking for divorce citing various issues that drove him to that conclusion. Most notable among them all was the fact that Babirye denied him sex something that subjected him to physiological torture! The divorce was granted in January 2020. 



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