Lucky Mbabazi Seeks Maina Kageni’s Help Over Rare Incident Between Kenyan Man And Ugandan Lover

Capital Fm presenter Lucky Mbabazi shocked her fans on Friday night after she turned to her Kenyan counterpart, radio presenter Maina Kageni for a piece of advice. On her Facebook page, Lucky started by sharing a message from her inbox of a Kenyan man who is dating a Ugandan lady.

The man appreciated how good the lady is. However, he experienced something unusual during his times with her, hence wanted clarification from Lucky. 7c3ecc48d5a64b98b9bba9b368e9a357?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720He reported that after his first encounter with the lady, he spotted some blood on his ‘cassava’.

He asked the lady the cause of this, which she innocently stated that the man had reached where no one else had. The story got an interesting twist when the lady’s aunt decided to give the man a chicken.

Maina Kageni in studio

He did not understand why he was being given chicken. Shocked, he rushed to Lucky to find out if there was something hidden from him. Reacting to this, Lucky claimed that she is still a young lady who just celebrated her 50th birthday few days ago, therefore was unable to give a good answer.fe20a4ccfd2e407aa6ee759a5848771e?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720

She suggested that it was Maina Kageni who was in the right position to provide him with a good answer. This attracted reactions from netizens, some disagreeing with her that she is still a young lady at 50 years. 



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