King Saha Takes Brian Mulondo To The Trenches: “I dont know him and he might be working on a stupid radio station”


On Monday, KFM presenter, Brian Mulondo while with famous gossip presenter Kasuku aggressively attacked musician, King Saha real name Mansour Ssemanda for not  hygienically care about himself after allegedly smoking weed.

“Please mangers when he comes to do weddings, events, get him chewing gum chewing gum, Get Saha
chewing gum, the way it smells a lot you guys. Tubele professional, no one is telling you to stop smoking weed, But when you are going for wedding or corporate gig ate mufila kubagole. It’s smelling, you stink actually, these musicians stink. Olinga kugamba teyanabye, some of them drink so much and come to our interviews drunk. Nga bawunya ekivundu, waliwo abayimbi abatanaba and there are some we chase from our show. So please be better, you cannot want to be better when you are not doing the basis of showering and doing Deo. We know you guys, we talk about you, may be your managers don’t tell you the truth. If u stink, i will never host you”-
Mulondo said

On hearing such accusations, King Saha says he wont be put off truck by propaganda of  Brian Mulondo.

In an exclusive phone interview with one of the media houses, the soft spoken singer has said how he doesn’t know Brain Mulondo and he is certain whatever he said is just planned propaganda to distract him from the main goal.

“First and foremost I don’t know who Brian Mulondo is & I haven’t heard anything he has said. However if that is true then that’s planned propaganda to derail me.. How can you ask me If i eat food, next time call me when you want to ask about sensible things.

I don’t know that presenter but since you work with a sensibe station, then am sure that person doesn’t work with a credible station just wasting time”- King Saha told a reporter.



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