KARMA: Gravity Omutujju Sheds Tears After Tasting His Own Medicine


Competition is healthy, and as a matter of fact, when there is competition, the parties involved tend to work tirelessly to outdo each other.

This is evidently and vividly seen in the music where one musician tried to dethrone the other or disparage him/her and this gets serious and personal, sometimes ugly.

Musicians spend sleepless nights working on new jams and what do we get at the end?They end up producing some of the best jams we have ever heard.

With millions of fans waiting, the musicians bank in a lot in sales of shows/concert tickets, online music stores and even endorsements…just because of a beef.

In the entertainment industry, beef is a word used to describe quarrel among celebrities. In the entertainment industry worldwide, beef is a regular occurrence and the case is no different in Uganda. Often times, celebrities hit at each other when their egos are bruised.

Now In Uganda, what began as a bragging statement ended in platinum tears and apology for singer Gravity Omutujju real name Gereson Wabuyi who called a press conference on Thursday to make a public apology to Ugandan legendary musical trio, Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone.

How It Started?


On 1st October 2022, Gravity Omutujju held yet another successful show at Luguogo Cricket Ova and in the aftermath while conducting some media interviews, he went ahead and declared himself the “biggest artist” in Uganda writing off the aforementioned musical trio which seemed to have fired back to the Ani Alina Ennene singer.

For the past days, netizens, music critics and some Ugandan artists didn’t take Gravity`s words lightly and they cautioned him to be highly humble and respectful of all musicians especially those who came before him and laid the foundation on which he is rolling on. According to Gravity Omutujju during his press conference, he emotionally narrated of how some of the comments he got hit under the belt as his family members became collaterals.

Bobi wine, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone

Gravity bragged of how his Ani Alina Ennene Concert garnered around 30,000 revellers which to him was such a huge milestone because one of the “Top 3”, Jose Chameleone who has been also holding concerts over there is yet to have such a huge crowd which Gravity claims to have gotten. Gravity also accused Chameleone of failing to promote his show on his social media and giving him a promo drope.

When it came to Bebe Cool, Gravity said that unlike Jose and Bobi, Bebe Cool lost his dominance over Uganda`s music industry and that he even never bothered approaching him for promotional generalship. These two have been beefing for now 3 years since Bebecool allegedly refused to shoot the video of their collabo, “Kelele”

For Bobi Wine, Gravity accused him of failing to post him on his social media yet he did it for another artist Fik Fameica.

Therefore Gravity advised these “big three” artists to retire from Uganda`s music industry and concentrate on some other ventures including farming. This all recoiled back to Gravity as it received mixed feelings hence calling for an emergency press conference to readdress his earlier statements, which he said were taken out of context.

“I don’t say whatever I say with a bad heart, I respect everyone in this industry, people are trying to fight me, they want to see me down. I’ve worked so hard to reach where I’ve reached, I have a family, I feed a lot of people” -Teary Gravity Omutujju



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