Is Otile Brown unlucky with love?


Confirmation of the split between Kenyan singer Otile Brown and his Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet Nabbi has shocked a significant constituency of the famous singer’s fanbase.

“Nabbi and I are not together anymore,” the Chaguo la Moyo hitmaker, born Jacob Obunga, confirmed in a brief message on his social media pages at the weekend. “The last time we were together, we were trying to figure out the way forward but we decided to go our separate ways.” Thus, Nayabet, the Ethiopian-Australian beauty who reportedly doesn’t fancy wearing bras, will go down as one of the ladies who dated the Kenyan musician and even had a song by him dedicated to her.

Otile Brown's Ethiopian Girlfriend Nabbi lands in Kenya - The Big Issue
Nabayet Nabbi

The lyrics of the song, in part, are Sema nikuoe hata leo Nabayet (Just say it and I will marry you today). This, though, is not the first time the R&B singer is dedicating a song to a woman he is in love with. She did the same, relating the hit Baby Love for socialite Vera Sidika but, again, it ended in premium tears.

I'll die for you' Otile Brown gives Nabayet some assurance
Otile with Nabayet

The affair was not only short-lived, but the break-up was also messy with the musician and the socialite exchanging not-so-pleasant words on social media. And now this. So what’s or who’s next?



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