#INVICIBILITY: VJ Junior Proves He Is The `GOAT` In His Ongoing Countrywide 3D Movie Schools Tour`


Popular Ugandan movie translator, VJ Junioris  back on the road for a major headline tour.

‘Countrywide 3D Movie Schools Tour’ which VJ Junior started in 2017 resumed this March and we are seeing the Ugandan star playing live concerts across Kampala, Jinja, Wakiso, Masaka already and will go to other Districts of Uganda, moving along with a star-studded list of Ugandan musicians.

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For those who are yet to experience what 3D movies are, their history is tangled and fascinating? The technique was tested out multiple times, starting at least as early as 1915, but it took years for the process to be refined enough for wide release. Still, innovators didn’t stop working to make 3D viable, and audiences didn’t stop wanting it. In Uganda, it took a bumpy road for 3D production to become mainstream, but when everything finally clicked, especially when VJ Junior took center stage to move this experience from cinemas to now communities, the response was electric.

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This tour is now making cinematic history in Uganda`s entertainment Industry as it not only happens in schools but also bars, community grounds among others. Some even think this might be the wave of the future. And above all else, it is capturing the public’s attention and the industry’s interest. As he is known by many, VJ Junior`s main role has always been to keep his audience highly entertained and pleased so bringing along musicians as open acts for this experience is another gripping and stimulating exploit one would kill for.

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Over the weekend at schools like Buloba Royal college, Midland Highschool and Janan Secondary School, rapper Feffe Bussi and Daddy Andre and Opoka Eric commonly known as Eezzy were among the guest artists that performed on this Tour before VJ Junior could take on for his beguiling movie translations of some of the best blockbuster movies.

Enjoy the pictorial below:

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