How CRK Planet’s Flona is becoming the Nations’s Top New Female Star

The Ugandan music industry is dominated by the male species and from time to time, we hear of women complaining of being treated differently compared to their male counterparts. This notwithstanding, select female musicians have gone out of their ways to make sure they have a cake in this male dominated field and one of them is Nankinga Florence commonly known as Flona, a face of CRK Planet record label and is already causing pandemonium to the already existing singers in the industry.


One of the first thing’s about her that catches your immediate attention is her voice. It has this mellow and deep texture to it yet at the same time it’s so polarizing.

The way I see it, Flona has a bright future among the many talented female artists coming out of Uganda right now. There’s a reason her latest hit `Wewano` doing so well on all platforms and she deserves some of credit for that. Whether it is her innocent smile, killer curves or, well, her chocolate beauty, there is something about this Charm singer that keeps all of us loving her.


Most of her songs among them Nkuvunana, Ekiteeso and Kingambe expose her beauty and admirable sexy-cool. She is a talented star, one of the female singers to watch out for this year. Flona has a star look, a flattering demeanor and a baby look that always keeps guys guessing her age. Basically, she is that 18 year old look you feel like you would take on a first date.

Besides, Flona is a social happy soul who also keeps her private life to herself that keeping everyone guessing if she is really dating. She loves her fashion and keeps with trends. Flona is not a clear-cut superstar. She comes across as shy and awkward but that shyness disappears in her music, where her voice is loud and proud – and the tales pour out. In a time where mainstream female artists are unfairly judged based on their looks, the mystery with which she carries herself has been a far cry from the eccentricity that many think is necessary to make it big in music today.

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She doesn’t post much drama on her Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to get attention, we rarely see her engage online and she mostly avoids making any unnecessary public appearances. Her obscurity and indifference to her celebrity status is a mystery in an age of oversharing.

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