Here is what faces Vivian Tendo ahead of her departure from Route Entertainment!


Earlier this month, Songstress Vivian Tendo Ntubiro officially parted ways with her management of over 3 years, Route Entertainment led by producer, singer and songwriter Yese Oman Rafiki.

The news of the latter’s departure from the label was confirmed by both sides through various interviews they each made with the media. According to inside sources, the whole saga kick started when Yesse Oman Rafiki (Vivian Tendo’s manager) stopped the singer from attending a music show in South Africa which was reportedly for free.

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Yesse Oman Rafiki with Vivian Tendo before they split.

“Vivian wanted to go to South Africa to do a show for free something that we didn’t agree on as a management and she decided to move on,” Yesse confirmed during one of the interviews. Having parted ways with the management that introduced her to the music industry, the big question currently is, will Vivian Tendo maneuver through with the challenges associated with the Music Industry? Here is what she’s to face going forward!

The songstress opened up a new YouTube channel under her stage name Vivian Tendo, she now suffers the burden of growing its audience to big numbers that can ably enable her earn from the digital social platform. She, however, revealed that she has been stopped from uploading some of the content she did while under Route Entertainment, this means she needs to do new music that will feature on her new platforms because her old music was on the labels youtube channel.

Vivian Tendo adds that Yesse Oman Rafiki refused her to perform any of the songs done while she was still at Route Entertainment, she accepted to abide by this command too. This implies she has to record new music that she will perform to her fans moving forward.

With these developments, Tendo faces a burden of hiring music writers, producers, promotion costs amongst many other errands that have previously been offered by her former management. Yesse Oman Rafiki wrote all Vivian Tendo’s music and was credited for understanding and mastering her musical touch. Vivian may fail to get a writer that will understand her touch.

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Vivian Tendo confirmed that she is not willing to get into another management or label or start her own, she says she wants to handle her music currently. All the best in the new journey Vivian Tendo!



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