Gravity & Zex go Bare Knuckles on Eachother in Twitter War


Following his recent comments on the famous top 3 artistes in the land, Gravity Omutujju stirred a conversation in regards to his musical supremacy in relation to that of the Bobi Wine, Bebecool and Chameleon.

In his rant that went viral, the Tusimbudde singer claimed that he was way ahead of them now musically, he went ahead to out a list of the current top artistes with non of them listed. The comments have since landed him in trouble with the massive fanbases of the famous top three and the trouble seems to keep growing.

Latest on the list is his fellow singer Zex Bilanjilanji. When asked to comment on Gravity’s recent remarks which seemed disrespectful, the magazine singer wasted no time in declaring Gravity a silly person based on his reasoning. The Firebase prodigy added that Gravity’s comments were unfortunate and disrespectful. This is because he showed lack of respect for his elders. Zex also said that Gravity is confused by the hype but he’s going astray in his disses against these artistes

“Let’s put that kid aside. His reasoning is so stupid and foolish. I wouldn’t even want to be wasting time on him. He’s going astray if he starts dissing the elders in the Industry. He’s just confused by the hype,” said Zex Bilangi Langi.


However, Gravity Omutujju wasted no time too in firing back at the dancehall singer. Gravity told Zex that with his one-and-a-half hit songs, he has no audacity to address his name in such a manner. In his response, Zex has told Gravity that at a time he had one hit, he didn’t respect elders, even up to now he doesn’t something that he will never do!

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A screenshot of the recent Twitter Exchange

It should be noted that Omutujju and Zex have been friends and the latter supported Gravity during his show, he even made a drop for him. At this point, their relationship hangs in balance following this online fight.



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