Garreth Onyango celebrates lover Princess Nkinzi’s birthday

Its official that city marketer and socialite Gareth Onyango is in a relationship with Buganda princess Victoria Nkinzi. If you did not know, probably you don’t party as much or you simply didn’t want to know. To bring you up to speed, Princess Nkinzi is celebrating her birthday today and her bae Gareth has officially celebrated her.

Happy birthday my love ❤️ Garreth posted.

Onyango split with his baby mama Nickitah Bachu and the two went on separate paths with Onyango taking the royal lane. Last year, the new couple in town caused a stir when they went to a dream holiday destination to Dubai and painted the Emirates with love, love and love!

Onyango proposed to Nkinzi in 2019 and to many, this meant another royal wedding along the way, till now, we are waiting onto that. All the best to the couple and happy birthday to the Princess

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