Exposed! Relative to Bruno K’s deceased baby mama drops shocker on his character.


As we were still in mourning, believing we were sharing grief with famous musician Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K UG, we received very shocking news about his questionable character.

Bruno K  And The Late (Briella's Mother)

News has recently  just hit the internet about the death of Racheal, who was Bruno K‘s baby mama with whom he had a daughter. Aparently,Bruno K was in too much shock and he announced this news himself, praying for her soul to rest in peace. He even went ahead to ask journalists not ask for her pictures from him to publish them because he wanted it to be a private issue.

He did not forget to mention how devaststed he was with the news of the death of his child’s mother. Many of his fans went ahead to send messages to comfort him, saying they would uphold him in prayers and they prayed that God would strengthen him because it was indeed a painful loss.

Much to his fans’ shock, Facebook posts yesterday were seen from the  relatuve of the deceased, Becky condemning Bruno K for his terrible character. According to Becky, Her cousin died a terrible death and it was all Bruno’s fault. She said that Bruno had abandoned her sister and she had been miserable and yet Bruno had even taken her child away from her. 

Mukyara Becky Expose Bruno K
Mukyara Becky Exposes Bruno K 

Becky criticised Bruno for abandoning her sister in pain and misery to an extent thag when she called to even say her last words to him on her death bed, he never recieved her calls or even bothered to take her child to see her.


Many people have come out to criticise Bruno K after this news came out  as they accuse him of messing around with NTV news presenter Faridah Nakazibwe instead of focusing on his family and among them is Kendall Paris who spewed vulgarity out at him on her Facebook post, calling him all sorts of names while cursed at him.

Bruno has not come out to say anything about this or to even defend himself. Could it be because he is still mourning his baby mama or vould it be that he is indeed guilty.



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