Diamond, Zari’s kids demand to know who between them broke up the family

South African-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and her ex, Tanzanian superstar singer Diamond Platinumz found themselves in an awkward position when their two children demanded a family meeting to find out who broke up their family.

In the video posted by Diamond on October 13, 2022, Princess Tifanny, 7, and Prince Nillan, 6, caught their parents unaware when they told Diamond that Zari said he was the one who broke up the family. In the video, an agitated Tiffah told on Zari, revealing that she had said Diamond broke up the family because he’d had another baby and has a girlfriend. Diamond, the entire while, feigned innocence about his worldwide infamous dramas in an attempt to get the children to side with him.

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“I told you I only love one person, who did I tell you? I told you I only love Mama T,” Diamond tried defending himself.


It was at this moment that Tiffah reminded Diamond that their mother was with someone else now and wouldn’t spend time with their father. The plot is further twisted when Nillan loudly deduced that it was Zari who broke up the family then. Diamond began laughing as he claimed what the children said was the truth even as Zari continued insisting that it wasn’t her who broke up the family. She also kept mentioning it was Diamond who had many children out there and was the one who broke up the family.

At one point, the children mentioned a couple of kids they thought were their siblings but were corrected and told those were their cousins.

Imagine, these kids came to us serious last night and said they want to talk to us, and luckily I told my videographer to shoot, now watch what the conversation was” he posted!

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Diamond and Zari famously dated from 2014-2018, and had two children together. Zari already had three other children from her previous marriage. She ended their relationship in 2018 after Diamond continuously cheated on her with Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto and had a son with her. Since then, the two went on dating sprees. Zari collected men and Diamond sired more children. He is believed to have about 7 children across East and Central Africa and is infamously known as ‘Father Abraham’ in Kenya.

They are both currently in their respective relationships. Diamond is dating his Wasafi Records signee, singer Zuchu and Zari is dating Ugandan, Shakib Cham.



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