Daniel “IRISH” Kanyerezi to quit capital FM radio after 7 years on air!

Capital FM presenter Irish Kyebandula real names Daniel Kanyerezi has joined the list of media personalities who have called it quits with their respective media addresses. 

Through a tweet on Thursday night, the Late Date host who doubles as a Relationships and Dating Expert informed his fans that 31st October will be his last day at Capital FM radio adding that he will soon tell them about his next endeavors.

The former Amarula family actor rose to fame in the early 2000s for mimicking the late Bbaale Francis. He later started working on Capital FM in 2014 replacing Val Oketcho who did the late Date love show. 

Currently, Irish hosts the Capital FM countdown show from 7pm  to 8pm before he moves into the late Date show that goes till late. 


Irish has now joined Freddie Sakura and Tindi who quit Nation media’s KFM months ago. Following his tweet, some of his fans have expressed their dismay requesting Irish to give them some more of his voice on the airwaves. 

Its not yet clear what Irish’s next move could be but we are very sure hes planned it well. 

image 3

With Irish’s departure, the big question now is, who is his perfect replacement on the shows he has been doing on radio ? Lets watch the space, also feel free to let us know who you think it will be in the comment section.



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