Control your hormones and distribution of sperm – Hellen Lukoma Stings Men.


Singer and actress Hellen Lukoma lashed out at people who give birth to kids they can’t afford to look after. In a video posted on social media, Lukoma requested that such individuals should control their hormones and not become sperm distributors. 

She also questioned why people give birth to many kids they can’t look after and end up bothering their relatives to help them take good care of their offspring something she doesn’t believe in. 

The “Nja Kufumba” singer went on to note how she no longer judges or criticizes relatives who don’t help others because she has also learned her lesson as an adult. 

“Control your hormones and distribution of sperms. I’m not saying it out of bad faith but I see a common trend of people judging their relatives for not supporting them. The blame should be put toward your parents for not working hard to support you”, Lukoma Hellen

She thus urged adults to prepare themselves before giving birth to children and advocated for those wishing to give birth, to make sure that they can look after their children well.

“People criticize their relatives for not supporting them but I no longer judge people and I don’t expect anyone to be giving anyone free money. As lovers’ why would you give birth to over 20 children. For who? Please give birth to few children and don’t beg those who have because when their money gets done, it will be you the same people who will laugh at them”, Lukoma added.



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