Cindy Sanyu Cautions Young Girls Against Early Pregnancies.


President of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) Cindy Sanyu cautioned young girls to avoid unintended pregnancies to avoid becoming parents at a tend age. 

 She said giving birth is expensive and it changes someone’s life. If one isn’t ready for the change, they shouldn’t try anything about it.

Cindy is a mother of three children. She got her first child from her previous relationship and it took her close to 10 years to get another.

Before that, she also had to first get married officially before giving birth to the last two children she welcomed in the past two years.

In Uganda, there is a high rate of early pregnancies especially among school-going girls. They end up dropping out of school and start struggling to make ends meet.

According to Cindy, pregnancies can be prevented although some girls are naïve when it comes to it. She said it is a very big responsibility to have a child but people don’t see it until they have one.

The singer asked young girls to keep themselves busy and avoid men until they are ready to get married and start families.


“Young girls, you need to avoid unintended pregnancies. Having children is a very big responsibility and most young people don’t see it. We all know pregnancies can be prevented, I want the young girls to know that getting pregnant while still at school is not good,” she said.



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