Chameleon to re-organize his “Legend Ggwanga Mujje” concert this year!

Fresh from his world tour in the United states, London, Sweden, Kenya, Congo among other countries, Dr Jose Chameleone is set to hold his first ever Concert in Uganda after a period of over two years. Prior to the outbreak of the Covid -19 deadly virus in Uganda in March 2020, many events got cancelled and among those was DR Jose Chameleon’s concert.


The concert that was dubbed “Legend Jose Chameleone Ggwanga Mujje” was scheduled for May 2020 at Lugogo Cricket Oval and was organized by city promoter Balaam Barugahara. With the re-opening of the economy and entertainment world, the good news is this concert is going to return, on when it’s going to happen, we shall let you know because Chameleon says he will provide full details soon. Chameleone is not the only artist that had scheduled an event and it was cancelled because of Covid-19, many others have embarked on rescheduling their concerts and events.


The nightlife too is on the go as many club and night hangout spot owners are rebranding and introducing fresh new theme nights that are appealing to the resellers that enjoy living outside in the night. 



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