CHAMELEON TO GOVT: Start rewarding Entertainers!


Ugandan singer and self proclaimed music doctor Dr Jose Chameleone has come out to request government to start rewarding people in the entertainment industry.

Chameleone said that the government has been able to reward people in other fields with things such as medals. However, the entertainment industry is also yet to receive such appraisal. He cited himself as an example having raised the Ugandan flag for the past 25 years. He, therefore, needs a reward.

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“I promise to continue giving you good music and thanks for supporting me for all these years I have been singing. It has not been an easy journey but I have managed to raise the Ugandan flag high. One thing however I would request would be for the government to start awarding us in the entertainment industry. Other fields have been awarded medals and honorary mentions. Therefore we need the same too,” Chameleone said.

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He said all this as he celebrated his 43rd birthday together with fans at one of the Kampala hangouts. One of the attendees was Golden Band singer Ronald Mayinja. The Doreen singer applauded Chameleone as Uganda’s and one of Africa’s greatest. He revealed that at one time he was on a plane and it was only playing the Leone Island boss’ music. Mayinja further said that although Chameleone can at times be annoying, his music however always makes the cut for him.



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