Bugingo calls for ex-communication of Bugingo

Fun factory managing director and comedian Hannington Bugingo has come out to say that the public should start a campaign to excommunicate all conmen from pulpits.


According to Bugingo, these disguise as pastors yet in actual sense they are fake ones looking to take advantage of their flock. He made the comments in regards to House of Prayer Ministries International.  The pastor has been facing backlash from some of the public after an introduction with his mistress, Susan Makula. Comedian Hannington Bugingo said that the pastor’s actions do not warrant him to stand on the pulpit.

Comedian Hannington Bugingo

This is because what he committed is adultery. The comedian cited how they would denounce such church leaders in the past. However, of late, they register churches as private entities meaning they are used for making money.

Pastor Bugingo over the weekend moved a step to legalizing his relationship with his mistress Suzan Makula. Apparently, Pastor Bugingo is still legally a married man to his wife Teddy Bugingo. He was however denied a divorce in due time and he couldn’t wait for the entire process to end. Pastor Bugingo moved ahead to illegally add another wife much to the disappointment of some social media users and the general public while his flock applauded him. The pastor parted ways bitterly with his wife a few years ago. He came out to say that the marriage was very toxic and he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Bugingo came out publicly about his relationship with Makula who had been a worker at his media stations at the same time he broke up with his wife.



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