Bruno K Revels Why He Never Posted His Daughter’s late Mother

Singer Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K has for the past hours been mourning the loss of his 2-year-old daughter’s mother. On Wednesday afternoon, he took to his social media to announce the unfortunate news.


Fans, as usual, were quick to demand Bruno K for pictures of his late baby mama.  Her name and cause of death remained a mystery at the time. He shared another post asking fans to stop asking him for her pictures as it caused him more sorrow.

Bruno K X Racheal 640x375 1

“I think now you can stop asking me where Briella’s mum is… The more you keep asking me that question, the more pain you cause me and my daughter,” he wrote. However, after too much pressure from his fans, the singer finally surrendered and shared a photo of the late. He hinted that the reason he never shared a picture is that she wanted to live a private life. Revealing that her name is Racheal, he added that she never wanted him to post or mention that she is Briella’s mother.

“Recheal always wanted her life private. She never wanted to be posted anywhere or even mentioned that she is the mother of my child,” the singer revealed.



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