Bebe Cool Says He Won’t Give Son Collabo To Jumpstart His Career


Singer Big Size Bebe Cool has come out to reveal that he won’t be giving his son Allan Hendrick aka Paper Daddy a collabo soon. Despite being the son of one of Uganda’s legendary musicians, Allan’s career is yet to accelerate in the right direction. When they asked him why he hasn’t collaborated with his son, Bebe Cool said that he wants his son’s hard work to pay off. Fans should love and appreciate who he is and therefore he doesn’t want to interfere with his work. Allan currently has a new song titled Boo and he said that this is his year to take over.

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“I won’t be giving my son a collabo in the foreseeable future because I don’t want to spoonfeed him. Fans should love and appreciate him for his work and not mine. All my children are working so hard to be what they want to be. I, therefore, don’t want to interfere with them,” the Gagamel boss said

Bebe Cool who has lately been moving up and down with Allan revealed why. He said that most of the concerts he’s invited to are the same his son is also invited to. Besides, he moves with him so that he can learn how the industry works and operates. The Trouble singer also revealed why he has closely formed links with Dr Jose Chameleon. The two are inseparable lately.

Bebe Cool said that he will protect Chameleone and love him till either one of them dies. This is because the Valu valu singer has done it all for Uganda and there will never be another like him



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