INSIDE BOBI & BARBIE DEATH TALK: Bobi Reveals Shocking Fact!


Barbara Itungo popularly known as Barbie Kyagulanyi and wife to musician and politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has come out to reveal what she wants people to remember her for. The mother of 4 said that once she’s deceased, she wants to be remembered as an impactful woman.

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And as a devoted feminist, Barbie said that as the eulogies come in at her funeral, her soul will be more pleased if among the mourners there appears to be a woman she impacted positively. In a poetic expression of prayer, she wrote;

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Barbie’s post

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This saw a number of comments rain in and among these was her husband Bobi Wine. The couple is popular for writing lengthy emotional posts complimenting each other, And it was the same this time round as Bobi Wine took to the comment section too to compliment his wife. Bobi Wine said that this woman complimenting Barbie’s impact will infact be a man.


According to Bobi Wine, he doesn’t think there is anyone Barbie has impacted more than him. He however decided to tell Barbie this because he will die before Barbie.

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Bobiwine’s response

Barbie is well known for her girl child empowerment programs. Through these, she’s impacted a number of people, especially girls. And her impact on her husband is one that needs no explanation as it’s clearly visible.



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