BALAAM: We are banning every artist that misses shows for 2 years!

Events promoter Balaam Barugahara has vowed that they are going to start banning musicians who fail to turn up for shows that they have agreed to sing at.

This followed the chaos that happened in Kyotera in Masaka district where singer Pallaso failed to turn up. The Malamu singer had been advertised to come through. The same show had the likes of Spice Diana and Sheebah Karungi slated to perform. It was only Sheebah that came through and performed. The revelers however kept demanding more from her. The fans waiting for Pallaso up to about 3am without turning up become chaotic. These started breaking chairs and all the equipment around.

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Singer Pallaso

Police had to intervene by firing teargas and rubber bullets. By the time they calmed down the situation, about 8 people including 2 pregnant women had sustained injuries. However, it’s said that Pallaso was around but couldn’t come on stage. For Spice Diana, she couldn’t get onto stage because the situation had gotten out of hand. According to Balaam, such artists will be banned for two years without performing. He also warned promoters to stop advertising artists that they have no agreements with.

“All artists that don’t perform yet they were advertised will be banned by us promoters for two years. This is a resolution we came up with as promoters. It’s so bad to get advertised and then paid and you fail to turn up. This leaves our property at stake as promoters and it’s also disrespectful to the revelers. Promoters should also stop advertising artists if they don’t have agreements with them,” Balaam said.

Pallaso meanwhile is on a high demand currently despite being expensive. The artiste has been dominating the airwaves for the past two years. With these many concerts, he’s however failing to honor some as he should. He was some time ago forced to sweep streets in Masaka for failing to turn up for a slated concert.



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