Abryanz fashion and style awards awaken after two -year hiatus

Spice Diana poses with her accolade during the ASFAS 2019

Following successful solutions to global isolation and covid-19, Africa’s most anticipated style and fashion awards popularly known as the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAS) is returning with their red carpet experience on December 16.

The 2022 event which will be held at Serena hotel will mark 8 years of recognising and celebrating outstanding fashion contributors and the hard work of fashion creatives within Africa and the rest of the world.

The awards will also be celebrated under the theme; “The Awakening” which will be a presentation of recovery, change, transformation and an improvement that will lead to a blissful expansion.

“It revolves around the industry’s experienced re-evolution and how the experience of fashion recovery will birth a bountiful new life” reads part of the ASFAS press statement

The theme also highlights the purpose of fashion in helping African fashionistas re-imagine and claim the future of fashion post colonialism and the covid-19 pandemic.

“The awakening emphasises tapping into our greatest visions for the future, and beginning to build a strong foundation foundation upon which those visions can formulate into physical manifestations,” ASFAS organizing team continues to explain

This year’s awarding will follow five category elements as explained below;


Honorary Awards:– These are the most prestigious awards given in recognition of individuals with extraordinary achievements and exceptional contributions to the African fashion industry. Honorary Awards are not voted for by the public, they are designated by the ASFA Board.

Designer Awards:– The designer awards honour creative excellence in the business of fashion design. The Awards celebrate brands, businesses and personalities that have significantly advanced the fashion industry through their work. The award winners are decided through public voting and internal deliberations by the ASFA Board.

Fashion Awards:- The fashion awards categories celebrate visionaries who have become major drivers in fashion by fostering business and public perception through innovative approaches to fashion, style and design. The award winners are decided through public voting and internal deliberations by the ASFA Board.

Music in Fashion:- The Music in Fashion award categories focus on the fashionable aspect of the music industry. The awards emphasize the role of fashion in music and celebrate those who have creatively merged both worlds. The award winners are decided through public voting and internal deliberations by the ASFA Board.

Fashion Personalities:- The awards honour personalities for their futuristic approach to fashion through the way they have presented themselves. The award winners will be decided through public voting and internal deliberations by the ASFA board.

 “Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards” 2022 award winners are selected partly by the public and the ASFA Voting Academy, which is comprised of an esteemed group of fashion professionals in the fields of modelling, Fashion Design, Film, Public relations, Influencers, and Creative arts. The complete ASFA’S 2022 Category list is;


1. Life Time Achievement Award

2. Icon Award

3. ASFA Visionary Award

4. Award for Positive Change

5. Best Fashion Business Contributor Diaspora

6. Trailblazer Award

7. Fashion Influencer Award


8. Designer of the Year Africa – AFRICA & UGANDA

9. African Fashion Brand of the Year

10. Business Maverick of the Year – AFRICA & UGANDA

11. Model of the Year

12. Emerging Designer of the Year Menswear

13. Emerging Designer of the Year Womenswear

14. Beauty Brand of the Year – AFRICA & UGANDA

15. Emerging Fashion Brand


16. Makeup Artist of the Year – AFRICA & UGANDA

17. Hair Artist of the Year – AFRICA & UGANDA

18. Stylist of the Year – AFRICA & UGANDA

19. Image Maker of the Year

20. Fashion Journalism Excellence Award


21. Fashionable Music Video Award – AFRICA & UGANDA

22. Stylish Artist of the Year – MALE & FEMALE | AFRICA & UGANDA


23. Fashionista of the Year – MALE & FEMALE | AFRICA & UGANDA

24. Best Dressed Guest – ALL GUESTS PRESENT

25. Most Stylish Personality – MALE & FEMALE | AFRICA & UGANDA

The event is organized by Abryanz collection and Talent Africa.



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