Uganda’s largest Rolex makes it to Guinness World Records


Uganda made yet another appearance in the Guinness World Book of Records with Raymond Kahuma’s Uganda’s largest Rolex.

A Rolex is Uganda’s popular street food snack made of chapatti and rolled eggs. The Guiness book of World Records is a reference book published annually listing the World’s most awesome and amazing records, both of human achievements as well as the extremes that are God given.

IMG 5633
Raymond Kahuma displaying his certificate from the Guinness World Records

First attempting to give it a go in December 2020, Ugandan Content creator Raymond Kahuma and his friends set out to make the world’s biggest rolex. Kahuma narrates, there were very many failed attempts while making the Rolex  that cost him over 17,500,000 UGX.

Watch the process of making the World’s largest Rolex here

He said he did this with the help of 10 chefs .The Rolex he made, according to him weighs over 200kgs and for that, he won himself a Guinness book of World Records recognition. The Rolex measured 2.32 meters in length and 0.66 meters in its thickest diameter.

IMG 5635
Raymond and his Rolex making team


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